Dreams on Air Sample Sale

The curated luxury boutique opened their SoHo storefront in 2017 and hasn't looked back since. Dreams on Air brings some of the most exciting smaller brands in the business. Co-Founder Alise Trautmane, who explained the selling/buying processes to WWD: "Designers share the costs of the rent and the professional staff for retail, [public relations], marketing. Designers keep all the proceeds from items sold minus a small administrative fee. They sell for their retail prices. We do not buy the collections.” 

Dreams on Air is more than another boutique, their close work with the designers adds diversity to the luxury label world. Brands like Pleaides, Litkovskaya, and Trautmane's own brand NARCISScan be found at the in-store and on their website, all of which were included in the sale at up to 70% off retail prices. 


Amazing. Dreams on Air's collection of brands is to die for. Thankfully, most of their designers were included in this sale like Saku New York, Gwen Salakaia, and ASHLEY LIM shoes. 

Quality of Products:

10/10! Dreams on Air prides themselves on bringing the best possible experience to their customers and designers as they work with them to grow their brands. This is obvious in the impeccable quality of the products included in the sale. 


Perfect. The store itself is an amazing two-level space and the aesthetics of the place were not compromised in order to have this sale. Honestly, you might not even know that they were having a sample sale just because of the immaculately kept space. 


Great. There was no one else in the store, such a welcome break from the usual crowds that are typically found at sample sales. Store employees were willing and eager to help and made the pricing easier to understand. 

Overall, we'd give the event a 10/10 on the sample sale quality scale. Unique, high-quality pieces that you really couldn't find anywhere else and a comfortable atmosphere made the sale such a great experience. We highly recommend you check it out!