Jennifer Behr Sample Sale

For their first sample sale in over 3 years, Jennifer Behr pulled out all the stops. Hosted in their Greenpoint office space overlooking the East River, the event was already packed 30 minutes after the 5 o’clock opening time. Their pieces are luxurious and intricate and have been worn by celebrities such as Oprah, Chrissy Tiegen, Hailey Baldwin, Zendaya, even Blair Waldorf on an episode of Gossip Girl! Their headpieces have made them famous, well-loved among brides on their wedding days and little girls on their way to school alike. You name your style icon, they’ve probably worn a Jennifer Behr piece. We jumped at the opportunity to shop their sale and were definitely not disappointed, especially at up to 90% off!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.41.27 PM.png

Selection: Special archival samples and least-season’s stock provided an amazing assortment of styles to choose from. There really was something for everyone as they included selections from their hats, fabric headbands, crystal headpieces, ponytail holders, earrings (which were VERY popular), and bobby pins.

Quality of Products: Amazing. I think I only stumbled across one piece that was missing a single gem. With such ornate items with so many stones, fragile mesh, or delicate fabrics, this is impressive! It was such a nice break from sample sales trying to get rid of damaged items, there were great products from an amazing brand at heavily discounted prices.

Organization: Cramped, but pretty good! Since the event was hosted in their Brooklyn office, there wasn’t too much room to move around, let alone get a look in the mirror! But, their pieces were displayed very well and were very well organized.

Experience: 10/10. They offered boxes to hold your selected items in while shopping around which was very helpful. There were plenty of employees around to help you with anything! Not to mention the rosé that was served!

Overall, we were SO impressed by Jennifer Behr’s sale and are crossing our fingers they’ll make this a more common occurrence!