Kate Spade: Remembering The Icon

The name Kate Spade, has over the years, become utterly synonymous with vibrant patterns, spirited prints and fun loving, uniquely constructed handbags. The colorfully designed and whimsically contrived pieces that have been crafted throughout the years, using Kate Spades allure as its sole muse, revolutionized and altered the modern-day women’s handbag and well beyond.

From a young girl with creative aspirations growing up in Kansas City Missouri, attending college and earning a degree in journalism, to beginning her career as an editor at an NYC fashion magazine and then transforming into one of the strongest and well-known fashion icons in the world, her journey was colorful, rich and lively, parallel to the nature of her fashionable creations.

Before her handbags and pieces became a wardrobe staple in closets throughout the world, she had to fully dedicate herself to making this goal become a reality, putting both money and her future on the line. In one instance during the early stages of the brands development, she was able to attain a booth at Barneys and Fred Segal. After receiving this news, she came home to her husband crying because they didn’t even have enough money to cover the cost of the booth and she wanted to call it quits right then and there. Her husband persuaded her otherwise by saying “Katie, you’ve got two of the best stores in America, why are you crying?” and so she persisted.

This is why the beauty of Kate’s legacy goes beyond the formation of perfectly constructed women’s handbags, clothing and accessories. What inspires her followers and admirers is the establishment of herself in a highly competitive industry, stemming from a relatable background that many of us can interpret and apply to our own stories. She taught us that anything worth achieving takes a lot of time and sacrifice, in the most fashionable way possible, and for that, we will be forever grateful.