Bandier Sample Sale

The leggings, crop tops and sneakers embodied the athletic chic you thought only existed in your dreams. The perfect balance of fashionable and functional in these pieces were actually unreal and it resulted in us having to buy some of this fabulous fitness wear for ourselves! All in all, this sale left us with one thought and one thought only, we actually need to start working out so we can be the chic athlete we’ve always longed to be.  

Selection- Fabulous selection but not so fabulous prices. There was incredible variety, leaving it impossible to not find the right styles for you. We did think it was a little bit expensive for a sample sale but if your bank account was having a good day, so were you.

Quality- A triple plus for quality.  Great shoes, Great sweats, Great stuff. All hail Bandier! You totally killed it.

Organization- Since there was such a variety of pieces at the sample sale, the organization took a little bit of a hit. You had to do a little digging to find the right pieces but I mean, anything great in life is worth fighting for, am I right or am I right?