ALC Sample Sale

From stellar skirts to darling dresses, the A.L.C sample sale was definitely fabulous. I mean, just being in the mere vicinity of the hottest summer florals and flirty blouses had us completely head over heels in love. On behalf of us complete shopaholics, A.L.C, sincere thanks for the fashion TLC.

Selection-  On a scale of 1 to absolutely fiery hot, the selection was probably equivalent to a 70-degree barely cloudy summer day. The actual selection of clothing itself was super cute but there just wasn’t enough for everyone to get their hands on! Totally tragic!  That being said, if you managed to get a piece, your wardrobe DEFINITELY thanked you for it.

Quality-  I mean, it’s A.L.C, the quality was to die for. Angel soft shirts and beautifully made chiffon summer dresses…name something better than that! We’ll wait…  

Organization- 5 Gold stars for organization and layout! Everything was neatly laid out and it was easy to find the fabulous statement pieces your ensemble was craving.