The Equipment, Joie, Current Elliot Sample Sale May 2018

Oh the denim, silk tops, summer dresses….TO DIE FOR. The chicness was so overwhelming, you likely mistook this place for heaven, a really really trendy, fashion-focused heaven. The only thing that could possibly bring you down from this state of clothing euphoria were the slightly aggressive fellow customers attempting to jostle you into the wall to get that hot blouse out of your hands and into theirs. Ok…that may be an exaggeration but the sale was indeed swarming with passionate fashionmongers, ready to find the fiercest summer pieces and with the extensive assemblage, it was impossible for them not to.

Selection:  Fabulous! They had a vast array of items that could be found in their full retail stores. The only trouble was that if you are anything above a size small, it is unlikely you would have found these cute items in your size… oh we know, it was unquestionably tragic.

Quality of products: OUTRAGEOUSLY AMAZING. So if you could just sit down, close your eyes and just try to picture Beyoncé and Brad Pitt in clothing form, that would definitely depict the quality of clothing customers experienced at this sale.    

Organization: A- for organization. Probably would’ve gotten an A+ if there were more than 1 to 2 options per each style of clothing, but if you could snag a piece then it's your lucky day!


Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the sale and couldn't help but to shop it for ourselves! Can't make it to the sale yourself, but want to snag a dress, top, or pair of jeans? Send an email to want@samplesale212.