Proenza Schouler Sample Sale VIP Review - current collection bags, shoes, RTW, furs + more!

Now you may think that the Proenza Sample Sale is only for those incredible fashionistas living in NYC (especially due to the price point - you bet!). 

Truth is, Proenza is so much more than an NYC-only brand now and has become an international favorite from the sunny tropics of Asia to the snowy mountains of Gstaad (as we've personally seen European elite sporting the sleek Metallic Hex Bag on the Apres-ski slopes this past ski season). And for good reason! Proenza displays not only an incredible array of shearlings & fur coats + much needed other fashionable outerwear for the cold NYC months to come - but greets us with a grand selection of sophisticated to Avante-Garde summer and office dresses season after season.

LONG FUR COAT  $8,200.00 (Orig. $25,000.00)   


$8,200.00 (Orig. $25,000.00)


GRAY COAT  $1,980.00 (Orig. $3,850.00)


$1,980.00 (Orig. $3,850.00)

SHEARLING COAT  $1,980.00 (Orig. $8,500.00)   


$1,980.00 (Orig. $8,500.00)


MOTO JACKET  $1,950.00 (Orig. $5,500.00)


$1,950.00 (Orig. $5,500.00)

We attended the VIP Proenza Schouler Sample Sale in NYC and here's the scoop:  

MOST ITEMS ARE FROM CURRENT COLLECTION and literally sold down the street at the actual boutique (at the actual retail price as listed on each product we feature here). 

Ready-to-wear is SO reasonably priced, made us want to shop for every member of our family! With tops starting at $350 ($1K approximate retail range) and Gowns for a whopping $1K+ (original in the 6-8K+ minimum range). 

Shoes come in varied sizing - some in abundance of range and some in single pair only varieties. Whoever is 39/40 is in most luck. Whoever's got style is even luckier. 👠

!!! There are SO MANY BAGS that they can't get them all out onto the floor! What's more - Proenza's own employees yanking the satchels and totes straight out of customers' hands (as these deals are simply too good to be true). 

Expect the line to go (literally) around the block and fights to get as real as the deals. 

And if you want to skip the fray - we offer an NYC-messenger service to get these super goodies into your lap in no time (or worldwide shipping for those of you still skiing in Gstaad). Shop Proenza Schouler Sample Sale VIP now!