As we make our way through the year and winter turns to spring, we all suddenly have that alarming moment of realization that summer is only about 3 months away and our wardrobes aren’t even close to being warm-weather ready. We begin to online browse, go to in person stores and sample sales, trying to find the perfect summer pieces to complement our summer ensembles while also making sure that the items we purchase make us feel confident and comfortable in our own skin.

 From one girl to another, you have to trust me when I say that I have a tank top that will totally transform your already trendy closet. This simple black tee is a quality piece that you can wear over a bathing suit to the beach, under a fierce white blazer for a day at the office or just alone with some fierce jewelry for a flirty Friday date night. 

 The fit of this tank is simply unlike any other. The way it hugs around the waist will truly bring out the best features of your already rockin’ bod. And don’t even get me started on the cut which is what truly makes this tank such a versatile piece. It is short enough for you to wear some low-rise jean shorts and show off that toned tummy but it’s also long enough to be styled with a hot pair of high waisted boho beach pants.

Start off your summer-time wardrobe the right way with this timeless tank. Believe me, you won’t regret it.  

Dreams on Air Sample Sale

The curated luxury boutique opened their SoHo storefront in 2017 and hasn't looked back since. Dreams on Air brings some of the most exciting smaller brands in the business. Co-Founder Alise Trautmane, who explained the selling/buying processes to WWD: "Designers share the costs of the rent and the professional staff for retail, [public relations], marketing. Designers keep all the proceeds from items sold minus a small administrative fee. They sell for their retail prices. We do not buy the collections.” 

Dreams on Air is more than another boutique, their close work with the designers adds diversity to the luxury label world. Brands like Pleaides, Litkovskaya, and Trautmane's own brand NARCISScan be found at the in-store and on their website, all of which were included in the sale at up to 70% off retail prices. 


Amazing. Dreams on Air's collection of brands is to die for. Thankfully, most of their designers were included in this sale like Saku New York, Gwen Salakaia, and ASHLEY LIM shoes. 

Quality of Products:

10/10! Dreams on Air prides themselves on bringing the best possible experience to their customers and designers as they work with them to grow their brands. This is obvious in the impeccable quality of the products included in the sale. 


Perfect. The store itself is an amazing two-level space and the aesthetics of the place were not compromised in order to have this sale. Honestly, you might not even know that they were having a sample sale just because of the immaculately kept space. 


Great. There was no one else in the store, such a welcome break from the usual crowds that are typically found at sample sales. Store employees were willing and eager to help and made the pricing easier to understand. 

Overall, we'd give the event a 10/10 on the sample sale quality scale. Unique, high-quality pieces that you really couldn't find anywhere else and a comfortable atmosphere made the sale such a great experience. We highly recommend you check it out! 

Jennifer Behr Sample Sale

For their first sample sale in over 3 years, Jennifer Behr pulled out all the stops. Hosted in their Greenpoint office space overlooking the East River, the event was already packed 30 minutes after the 5 o’clock opening time. Their pieces are luxurious and intricate and have been worn by celebrities such as Oprah, Chrissy Tiegen, Hailey Baldwin, Zendaya, even Blair Waldorf on an episode of Gossip Girl! Their headpieces have made them famous, well-loved among brides on their wedding days and little girls on their way to school alike. You name your style icon, they’ve probably worn a Jennifer Behr piece. We jumped at the opportunity to shop their sale and were definitely not disappointed, especially at up to 90% off!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.41.27 PM.png

Selection: Special archival samples and least-season’s stock provided an amazing assortment of styles to choose from. There really was something for everyone as they included selections from their hats, fabric headbands, crystal headpieces, ponytail holders, earrings (which were VERY popular), and bobby pins.

Quality of Products: Amazing. I think I only stumbled across one piece that was missing a single gem. With such ornate items with so many stones, fragile mesh, or delicate fabrics, this is impressive! It was such a nice break from sample sales trying to get rid of damaged items, there were great products from an amazing brand at heavily discounted prices.

Organization: Cramped, but pretty good! Since the event was hosted in their Brooklyn office, there wasn’t too much room to move around, let alone get a look in the mirror! But, their pieces were displayed very well and were very well organized.

Experience: 10/10. They offered boxes to hold your selected items in while shopping around which was very helpful. There were plenty of employees around to help you with anything! Not to mention the rosé that was served!

Overall, we were SO impressed by Jennifer Behr’s sale and are crossing our fingers they’ll make this a more common occurrence!

United Nude Sample Sale

Fashion and architecture combine to form the unmistakable designs that have made United Nude famous. A seventh-generation shoemaker and a Dutch architect joined forces in 2003 and since have created designs for Lady Gaga, collaborated with Issey Miyake, and more. Focusing on clean designs, new concepts, and expressive elegance, United Nude creates pieces that are eye-catching and unique. 

We've teamed up with the brand to bring you their modern designs from collections past and current all at the lowest prices. This is an opportunity you're not going to want to pass up to grab a pair of these iconic footwear pieces. 

They currently have a sale storefront at 6 Prince St. 

Here is an exclusive look at some of our favorites shoes that you can purchase at clearance prices on! 



A Peace Treaty Sample Sale

Designed in NYC and sourced globally, A Peace Treaty combines century-old techniques with modern, on-trend styles. In 2016, A Peace Treaty joined CFDA's roster of top names in the industry. It's founder, Dana Arbib, sources ideas and details from Pakistan, Turkey, Peru, and more to combine to form the brand's handcrafted charm. The brand prides itself as a champion in the slow-fashion movement and Arbib seeks to preserve and honor ancient textile and jewelry approaches. To date, A Peace Treaty has worked with groups across ten countries to complete exclusive collections sold online

In an exclusive online sample sale from your friends here at Sample Sale 212, A Peace Treaty's one-of-a-kind pieces will be yours for the choosing at incredible discounted prices. 


The Secret Sample Sale

We teamed up with a designer curated boutique to bring together a variety of brands and styles- all up to 85% off retail prices. From Altuzarra and Nehera to Proenza Schouler, Maison Margiela, and more - the selection of styles is amazing. Located in Chelsea in an amazing location, the shopping experience is unlikely to resemble any other sample sale you've ever been to! 



One of the favorite pieces of the sale so far has been the Gabriela Hearst Lucia dress (from $1,850 down to $277.50). This neo-Victorian silk garment is flowing and feminine with an attached slip and floral details. This piece has already caught a lot of eyes and won't be here much longer!


More eye-catching items can be found in our large selection of Pierre Hardy shoes. The Roxy heels (from $896 down to $134.40) and the Hardy pumps (from $845 down to $126.75) are both unique pieces of footwear that are sure to turn heads. 

We're open at 126 w 25th St. until Friday at 1 pm! Stop in and check it out, you might just come across the best fashion find of the season! 

Kate Spade: Remembering The Icon

The name Kate Spade, has over the years, become utterly synonymous with vibrant patterns, spirited prints and fun loving, uniquely constructed handbags. The colorfully designed and whimsically contrived pieces that have been crafted throughout the years, using Kate Spades allure as its sole muse, revolutionized and altered the modern-day women’s handbag and well beyond.

From a young girl with creative aspirations growing up in Kansas City Missouri, attending college and earning a degree in journalism, to beginning her career as an editor at an NYC fashion magazine and then transforming into one of the strongest and well-known fashion icons in the world, her journey was colorful, rich and lively, parallel to the nature of her fashionable creations.

Before her handbags and pieces became a wardrobe staple in closets throughout the world, she had to fully dedicate herself to making this goal become a reality, putting both money and her future on the line. In one instance during the early stages of the brands development, she was able to attain a booth at Barneys and Fred Segal. After receiving this news, she came home to her husband crying because they didn’t even have enough money to cover the cost of the booth and she wanted to call it quits right then and there. Her husband persuaded her otherwise by saying “Katie, you’ve got two of the best stores in America, why are you crying?” and so she persisted.

This is why the beauty of Kate’s legacy goes beyond the formation of perfectly constructed women’s handbags, clothing and accessories. What inspires her followers and admirers is the establishment of herself in a highly competitive industry, stemming from a relatable background that many of us can interpret and apply to our own stories. She taught us that anything worth achieving takes a lot of time and sacrifice, in the most fashionable way possible, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

Bandier Sample Sale

The leggings, crop tops and sneakers embodied the athletic chic you thought only existed in your dreams. The perfect balance of fashionable and functional in these pieces were actually unreal and it resulted in us having to buy some of this fabulous fitness wear for ourselves! All in all, this sale left us with one thought and one thought only, we actually need to start working out so we can be the chic athlete we’ve always longed to be.  

Selection- Fabulous selection but not so fabulous prices. There was incredible variety, leaving it impossible to not find the right styles for you. We did think it was a little bit expensive for a sample sale but if your bank account was having a good day, so were you.

Quality- A triple plus for quality.  Great shoes, Great sweats, Great stuff. All hail Bandier! You totally killed it.

Organization- Since there was such a variety of pieces at the sample sale, the organization took a little bit of a hit. You had to do a little digging to find the right pieces but I mean, anything great in life is worth fighting for, am I right or am I right?