The Secret Sample Sale

We teamed up with a designer curated boutique to bring together a variety of brands and styles- all up to 85% off retail prices. From Altuzarra and Nehera to Proenza Schouler, Maison Margiela, and more - the selection of styles is amazing. Located in Chelsea in an amazing location, the shopping experience is unlikely to resemble any other sample sale you've ever been to! 



One of the favorite pieces of the sale so far has been the Gabriela Hearst Lucia dress (from $1,850 down to $277.50). This neo-Victorian silk garment is flowing and feminine with an attached slip and floral details. This piece has already caught a lot of eyes and won't be here much longer!


More eye-catching items can be found in our large selection of Pierre Hardy shoes. The Roxy heels (from $896 down to $134.40) and the Hardy pumps (from $845 down to $126.75) are both unique pieces of footwear that are sure to turn heads. 

We're open at 126 w 25th St. until Friday at 1 pm! Stop in and check it out, you might just come across the best fashion find of the season! 

Kate Spade: Remembering The Icon

The name Kate Spade, has over the years, become utterly synonymous with vibrant patterns, spirited prints and fun loving, uniquely constructed handbags. The colorfully designed and whimsically contrived pieces that have been crafted throughout the years, using Kate Spades allure as its sole muse, revolutionized and altered the modern-day women’s handbag and well beyond.

From a young girl with creative aspirations growing up in Kansas City Missouri, attending college and earning a degree in journalism, to beginning her career as an editor at an NYC fashion magazine and then transforming into one of the strongest and well-known fashion icons in the world, her journey was colorful, rich and lively, parallel to the nature of her fashionable creations.

Before her handbags and pieces became a wardrobe staple in closets throughout the world, she had to fully dedicate herself to making this goal become a reality, putting both money and her future on the line. In one instance during the early stages of the brands development, she was able to attain a booth at Barneys and Fred Segal. After receiving this news, she came home to her husband crying because they didn’t even have enough money to cover the cost of the booth and she wanted to call it quits right then and there. Her husband persuaded her otherwise by saying “Katie, you’ve got two of the best stores in America, why are you crying?” and so she persisted.

This is why the beauty of Kate’s legacy goes beyond the formation of perfectly constructed women’s handbags, clothing and accessories. What inspires her followers and admirers is the establishment of herself in a highly competitive industry, stemming from a relatable background that many of us can interpret and apply to our own stories. She taught us that anything worth achieving takes a lot of time and sacrifice, in the most fashionable way possible, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

Bandier Sample Sale

The leggings, crop tops and sneakers embodied the athletic chic you thought only existed in your dreams. The perfect balance of fashionable and functional in these pieces were actually unreal and it resulted in us having to buy some of this fabulous fitness wear for ourselves! All in all, this sale left us with one thought and one thought only, we actually need to start working out so we can be the chic athlete we’ve always longed to be.  

Selection- Fabulous selection but not so fabulous prices. There was incredible variety, leaving it impossible to not find the right styles for you. We did think it was a little bit expensive for a sample sale but if your bank account was having a good day, so were you.

Quality- A triple plus for quality.  Great shoes, Great sweats, Great stuff. All hail Bandier! You totally killed it.

Organization- Since there was such a variety of pieces at the sample sale, the organization took a little bit of a hit. You had to do a little digging to find the right pieces but I mean, anything great in life is worth fighting for, am I right or am I right?


ALC Sample Sale

From stellar skirts to darling dresses, the A.L.C sample sale was definitely fabulous. I mean, just being in the mere vicinity of the hottest summer florals and flirty blouses had us completely head over heels in love. On behalf of us complete shopaholics, A.L.C, sincere thanks for the fashion TLC.

Selection-  On a scale of 1 to absolutely fiery hot, the selection was probably equivalent to a 70-degree barely cloudy summer day. The actual selection of clothing itself was super cute but there just wasn’t enough for everyone to get their hands on! Totally tragic!  That being said, if you managed to get a piece, your wardrobe DEFINITELY thanked you for it.

Quality-  I mean, it’s A.L.C, the quality was to die for. Angel soft shirts and beautifully made chiffon summer dresses…name something better than that! We’ll wait…  

Organization- 5 Gold stars for organization and layout! Everything was neatly laid out and it was easy to find the fabulous statement pieces your ensemble was craving.

Veronica Beard Sample Sale

CALLING ALL TRENDSETTERS! So, we’ve got an opportunity for you to look like a total badass beauty. How? Four words. Veronica Beard Sample Sale. That’s right! It is still happening! These totally hot pieces have been flying off the rack but you still have time to add these fierce blazers and flirty dresses to your à la mode summer wardrobe.

             You truly haven’t lived until you’ve looked at the Veronica Beard Carrol Portrait Neckline Jacket. I mean… JUST LOOK AT IT. You can dress it up by pairing it with a blouse and our fabulous Veronica Beard Wide Leg Pants for a day at the office or you can make it perfect for a daytime ensemble by matching it with some jeans and fabulous sandals. This is a must-have item!

            The Veronica Beard Crew Neck Dress will totally tie your summer wardrobe together. Whether you have a summer wedding to go to, a day-time party to attend or just want to glamorously strut around town, this is the dress for you!

            The Veronica Beard Ruffle Tie Top is a quality piece that is absolutely essential for your summer wardrobe. It’s light material, perfect fit and flirty pattern will go with almost anything you put it with. This versatile piece could make the perfect day to night transition simply by changing a few accessories.

            Do you want to be a showstopper? Well, then we totally have the dress for you! The Veronica Beard Martine Dress is simply fabulous. This perfectly cut neckline, delicate shoulder frill and flawlessly placed synched waist makes this dress one of our favorites. This dress paired with a light pink strappy heel makes for an impeccable wedding ensemble.

            Do you want some of these pieces to add to your gorgeous summer wardrobe? It’s your lucky day! We have some left but hurry! They are selling fast!



The Equipment, Joie, Current Elliot Sample Sale May 2018

Oh the denim, silk tops, summer dresses….TO DIE FOR. The chicness was so overwhelming, you likely mistook this place for heaven, a really really trendy, fashion-focused heaven. The only thing that could possibly bring you down from this state of clothing euphoria were the slightly aggressive fellow customers attempting to jostle you into the wall to get that hot blouse out of your hands and into theirs. Ok…that may be an exaggeration but the sale was indeed swarming with passionate fashionmongers, ready to find the fiercest summer pieces and with the extensive assemblage, it was impossible for them not to.

Selection:  Fabulous! They had a vast array of items that could be found in their full retail stores. The only trouble was that if you are anything above a size small, it is unlikely you would have found these cute items in your size… oh we know, it was unquestionably tragic.

Quality of products: OUTRAGEOUSLY AMAZING. So if you could just sit down, close your eyes and just try to picture Beyoncé and Brad Pitt in clothing form, that would definitely depict the quality of clothing customers experienced at this sale.    

Organization: A- for organization. Probably would’ve gotten an A+ if there were more than 1 to 2 options per each style of clothing, but if you could snag a piece then it's your lucky day!


Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the sale and couldn't help but to shop it for ourselves! Can't make it to the sale yourself, but want to snag a dress, top, or pair of jeans? Send an email to want@samplesale212.

3.1 Phillip Lim Sample Sale April 2018


The 3.1 Phillip Lim was surprisingly pleasant as far as sample sales go - not too crazy, but still had a great selection of pieces. If anything, I think people are missing out on some great things by not popping by or shopping it with Sample Sale 212. 😏

Selection: Amazing! There is an incredible selection of shoes and clothes. The bags went quick and the early birds came quicker to snag any and all of them up. There were quite a few suitcase haulers standing at the front of the line. 

Quality of Products: Products were all in great condition, a few of the gowns and true samples had some snags, but all easy fixes. Shoes came with boxes, tissue paper and cards as if bought from 3.1 Phillip Lim itself. As for bags each came with the orgiginal wrapping and some were luck enough to come with the dust bags.

Organization: Everything was really well organized - shoes and bags in particular. In terms of clothes, it was pretty easy to find things because the staff was constantly re-organizing. If your eye on a particular item, it was pretty easy to find it in the racks. 

Experience: Generally very pleasant except for the bag section. At a certain point in time, there were women shouting at the staff because they wanted bags that they didn't have and then a few stragglers who just got upset about the no photo policy. At the end of the day, it was unnecessary because it also seemed like the restocks were all items that they already had out, unlike the Proenza Schouler sample sale. 

Overall 9/10 except for the few screamers - they really killed the vibe. If you want to avoid the screamers, the aggression, and the line on Houston, shop it with Sample Sale 212 here: