What is Sample Sale?

A Sample Sale is an annual or bi-annual sale that brands or stores host to sell off their true samples (items from pre-production stages or protoypes of items stitched by actual designers themselves before being mass produced in factories), invenotry and stock (often from previous collections, but often from current or even FUTURE collections), or one-of-a-kind runway pieces. Sample Sale is a way for them to sell off this inventory and not have to destroy the inventory/samples to make room for new and finished items. 


Are all the items authentic? Why such a great discount?

All items are 100% authentic as they are being sold by the brand or a reputable retailer themselves (no shady business). The only other path for this items is to be destoyed, hence the brands sell the inventory at astonishingly low prices to make room for new production. 


What is Sample Sale NYC: Shop Online?

This is a new service specially designed for busy bees like you who loves to shop sample sales but never have the time go down. So this is where we come in. Ordering from us is easy: Pick from items you see listed on our site and someone from our team will drop by the sale to pick up your items, pay for it and ship it to you. Easy peasy, right? 


What can I expect from the sale?

Before every sale, our team will catalogue a selection of items available at the sale.


Can I be guaranteed that I will get my items?

As with any sample sale, items sell out fast and may not be available in every size or color. Our team will try their very best to make sure we get you the items you want and that the listings are accurate. 


Will I be charged if my item(s) is not available?

Nope! You'll only be charged once your item(s) is shipped. There will be a holding charge on your credit card when you check out, but if your item(s) is unavailable, we will reverse the charge.


What are the condition of the items?

Almost always, everything we pick up will be in tiptop shape. But because this is a sample sale afterall, items sometimes are slightly damaged or stained. Please note, we will do our best to find most perfect item, but due it being sample sale not every item may be perfect (defects or other markings are photographed to note the item state in our photos as best possible). True samples as marked in product description and come in different formats and completion stages.

When adding to cart, we will ask if you would still like to purchase item if it's not in excellent condition. We will also ask for your contact details during check out so that our team can contact you if there happens to be any issues with your order during in-store pick up.


What is your return policy?

As we are only a shopping service and returns are exclusively determined by the merchants (the sample sales themselves) all items sold through the platform and prices are final sale. We pick them up for you and have no way to return as per the sales policies (just like if you had gone yourself). 

If the item absolutely doesn't fit or is no longer to your liking, instead of selling it through a number of websites and consignment stores where you lose a huge chunk of value on your items, we highly suggest listing it on HauteTrader.com and offering a trade for another item of same or similar value. Use code "thanku212" for a Free Trade Fee on us. 



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